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Free Printable Christmas Cards

Here we have printable Christmas cards which are absolutely free. The finished cards are quarter fold size which means you will use a standard 8-1/2 x 11 size sheet of paper and then fold it in half twice to form your card. For detailed instructions, please see How It Works below.

All of our free printable Christmas cards are made into Adobe PDF files which can be downloaded to your computer. Then all you have to do is open the file and select print to print as many cards as you wish. For details on printing your free printable christmas cards, please see Printing Tips below.


Select Your Free Printable Christmas Cards

We have ten different Christmas card designs. Small samples are shown below. Simply hover your mouse cursor over the design names on the left to see a quick view of that particular card in the window on the right. When you find a printable card you like, just click on the design name on the left to see a larger view and to download your free printable Christmas card file.

If the hover feature does not work for you, links for all ten designs are shown below the graphic.

Also included is a free printable envelope template. This template will allow you to print an outline of an envelope which, when cut and folded properly, will give you an envelope you can use to mail your Christmas cards. Detailed instructions are provided.

Thank you for visiting our site and please enjoy your free printable Christmas cards!

  (Hover mouse over design names below for a quick view/click for a larger view)  

In case the above graphic does not work for you, these are the links for all ten of our free printable Christmas cards design information pages:

Candy Canes | Bells | Snowflakes | Tree and Holly | Red Bow

Candy | Bird | Trees | Stockings | Bah Humbug!

Click here to Create Your Own Envelopes absolutely free



Additional Details and Information About Free Printable Christmas Cards

How It Works

The free printables you can create on this site are a quarter fold size using standard 8-1/2 inch x 11 inch size paper. Sample views are shown below.

To create your free printable Christmas cards follow the steps below:

First, select one of the ten printable Christmas card designs and go to that page. The links are shown above. Then find the Adobe PDF download links which are shown as both a PDF logo and a text link. You can download the file using either one. A sample is shown below.

Candy Canes Design - Free

If you click on either of these links with your left mouse button, they may open and allow you to view and print the card. But, if you want to save the file to your computer to use any time you like, you must click on the logo or link with your right mouse button and select "save target as" from the popup menu. This may be worded as "save file as" or something similar, depending on which internet browser you are using.

When you have successfully downloaded your file to your desktop or the area you saved it to, you can open it by double clicking on the file or icon.

If it does not open, you may need to download Adobe Reader. You may have already been prompted to do so. This is a FREE program which will allow you to open all PDF files. You will need to go to and look for the link labeled "Get Adobe Reader" and download and install Adobe Reader. It will only take a few moments.

When you double click on the file (or you can click the file once and hit enter on your keyboard) it will automatically open in Adobe Reader, or Adobe Acrobat if you have that program. There are some buttons at the top which will allow you to zoom in and out on the page and also to print the page. A sample screenshot is shown below.

Now you are ready to click the printer icon as shown above and print your card. You will notice that the front and back of the card is upside down. This is so when you fold it in half (keeping the printed side showing), it will then be rightside up. A second fold in half again will complete your card.

If the card does not print properly, please see Printing Tips below.

Another thing you might consider. You can also use "designer paper" and purchase matching envelopes for even more elegant Christmas cards. Although we include a template to make your own envelopes, you can also purchase envelopes which are made for this size of card. The measurement for the envelopes you will need is 4-3/8 inches x 5-5/8 inches. It is a standard size and will accommodate the quarter fold 4-1/4 inch x 5-1/2 inch cards you will create from our files.

This "designer paper" and envelopes are available at any office supply or discount store which sells paper. It will make a huge difference in the look of your cards.


Printing Tips

After you download and open your file as described in "How It Works" above, you are ready to print your cards or envelopes. It is highly recommended that you print a single test sheet on plain paper first to ensure that everything is positioned properly. The images and type on the front and insides of the card should be centered after you fold the sheet into a card.

When you click the printer icon to print your card, a printer dialog box will appear. Here you can select the proper printer, if you have more than one, and you can select how many copies you want to print. Also, there is a selection near the middle of the box which is labeled "Page Scaling". For best results, you should change this setting to "none". It should not be set on "Fit To Printable Area" or "Shrink To Printable Area". Failure to do this may make the images of your card off center or if you are printing your envelopes, they may not be the right size. A sample screenshot is shown below.

As explained above, you can use some "designer paper" and matching "designer envelopes" to make your cards more elegant looking.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What do you mean by "designer paper" and "designer envelopes"?

Answer: You can purchase paper and matching envelopes which are either simply solid colors like ivory or paper with a parchment or marble look. You can find these types of papers at an office supply store like Office Depot or Staples. After you print and fold your free printable Christmas cards, they should measure 4-1/4 inches x 5-1/2 inches. The envelope size for this size of card is 1/8 inch larger making them 4-3/8 inches x 5-5/8 inches. This is a standard size and should be available.


Question: When I try to open my downloaded file, it tells me that I need a program to use this file. What's the deal?

Answer: All of our free printable Christmas cards templates are Adobe PDF files. These files require that you have a program made by Adobe called Adobe Reader. This is a common program which is used to view PDF files and best of all it is free. All you need to do is go to and look for "Get Adobe Reader" to download and install this program. It is free and easy.


Question: Are there any limitations on the use of the content on this web site?

Answer: Yes. Please see our Terms of Use.


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