Print your free weekly planners with several styles from which to choose. Also available are free monthly planners.

All free printable weekly and monthly planners are free to print.

Free Printable Weekly Planners

Free printable crossword puzzles including three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard. Simply choose the level of difficulty then select any of the crossword puzzle links for a printable page.

You can either print the puzzle or copy it to your computer for future use.

Free Printable Crosswords

Get your free blank tournament brackets or get the latest playoff brackets for division I college basketball.

They are in PDF format and are free to print or copy. Simply choose a printable playoff bracket and print your bracket on standard 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper.

Free Printable Tournament Brackets

Printable sudoku puzzles with four levels of difficulty. Click any sudoku puzzle and a new window will open containing a puzzle and the solution on a printable page.

Print your sudoku puzzles for free.

Free Printable Sudoku Puzzles

Printable word searches with easy, medium and hard levels. Get a printable page and print or copy your word search puzzles and solutions.

Free Printable Word Search Puzzles

Even more word searches. These puzzles are similar to the ones above, except in addition to printing the puzzles, you can also play word search online. Simply use your mouse or your finger, if you have a touch screen, to mark and check off your words in the puzzle.

Enjoy your free printable and free online word searches.

Additional Free Printable Word Searches

We have ten different free printable Christmas card designs. All can be created by simply selecting a design and downloading a PDF which will allow you to print as many cards as you like.

Also included is a free printable envelope template which will allow you to create your own envelopes for your free printable Christmas cards.

Free Printable Christmas Cards

Includes five types of borders. Full Page Borders, Across the Top Borders, Across the Bottom Borders, Left Side Borders and Right Side Borders.

You can choose to either print a border on your printer or copy the border to a file on your computer for future use.

Free Printable Borders

Free certificates with two border colors to choose from and four styles.

The style choices are Certificate of Recognition, Certificate of Achievement, Certificate of Participation and the fourth choice will allow you to design your own. All four of the style choices will allow you to add your custom personalization.

Free Printable Certificates

Select from various planner styles and print your free planners or download them in a high quality PDF file. Free Planners categories include daily planners, weekly planners, monthly planners, calendar planners, event planners, project planners and financial planners. All free planners are available in your choice of two file formats. Everything is free and printableĀ at Free Planners.

Free Planners

Free targets including: sight-in targets with grid backgrounds, bullseye targets in black and white and with colors, animal targets, human silhouettes, star targets and some fun game targets. All targets are available in gif graphic files and in pdf format and are designed to print on standard 8-1/2 inch x 11 inch paper.

Free Printable Shooting Targets

Everything you need to play Bingo.

Use the free printable bingo cardĀ maker to generate an unlimited supply of classic number bingo cards. Or use the personalized bingo card makers to add your own numbers, words or math equations to create your own bingo game. There are also free bingo call sheet makers to randomly list the call numbers to make your call sheets and a page on how to play bingo.

Free Printable Bingo Cards

Play any maze game online or print a maze absolutely free!

Select any of our six maze categories, Mazes For Kids, Simple Mazes, Easy Mazes, Medium Mazes, Hard Mazes and Crazy Mazes. Then select a maze and start playing by holding down your mouse button to draw. You can also print the mazes and included are most of the solutions.

Free Printable Mazes

Various free printable world maps with several categories to choose including a printable map of USA, a printable map of the 7 continents, printable US state maps, printable US time zone maps and other free world maps.

Choose a category then click any map link for a printable page or save to your computer for future use.

Free Printable Maps

There are several categories of flags from which to choose including American flags, printable US state flags and printable flags of the world. Choose a category then click any flag link for a printable page. You can choose to either print the flag on your printer or copy the flag to a file on your computer for future use.

Free Printable Flags

Free Printable Poems for any occasion.

A great selection of poems which can be printed or downloaded free with or without a colorful border background.

Categories include: love, friendship, in loving memory, mother, father, grandparents, son, daughter, brother, sister, grandchildren, aunt, uncle and more.

Free Printable Poems

Get your printable calendar.

Choose from a selection of background scenes for your yearly calendar or get a monthly printable calendar for each month of the year. All calendars are in PDF format and are free.

Free Printable Calendars

Choose a romantic love poem, add your message and print it for free.

Some of the romantic poems are friendly love poems, some are a little more romantic, while others are very romantic love poems. There are love poems suitable for young unmarried couples as well as for husbands and wives.

Free Romantic Love Poems

Free Printable Coloring pages has three categories with over 120 free coloring pages for kids or adults.

Select a category, select a coloring page and print.

Free Printable Coloring Pages