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Bells Design

The images below show the front, back and the two inside views of the Bells Design card.

To create your free printable Christmas cards you will need to fold the printed sheet in half twice to create a card which is a quarter size (4-1/4 inches x 5-1/2 inches) of a full 8-1/2 x 11 sheet. For more details on how to do this and for sample images, please see the "How It Works" section on the free printable Christmas cards home page.

For help with printing your free Christmas cards, please see "Printing Tips" on the home page.

For a free template to make your own envelopes please visit the page on how to "Create Your Own Envelopes".

To purchase a file which contains all 10 of our Christmas card designs which will allow you to change any of the type and to add some custom personalization to your card, please see the details of our Special 10-in-1 Offer.


Bells Design Sample and File Download


Download Your Free Printable Christmas Cards Template File

To download your free template file with the design as shown above, please right click the logo or the link below and choose "save target as" or "save file as" from the menu. (The exact wording depends on which browser you use)

(If you left click the logo or link it may open allowing your to view and print, however, if you want to copy the file to your computer, you must right click on the logo or link and save)

Bells Design - Free

Note: You may need Adobe Reader to view and print this file.
Adobe Reader is a free program which can be downloaded at Look for "Get Adobe Reader"


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For more details, please check out our Special 10-in-1 offer!

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